Who is Sophie?

My name* is Sophie.  I’m 25 and was born and raised in Texas (aside from a 4 year stint in Seattle as a little kid).  I graduated from college 5 years ago, and met my boyfriend about 6 months later.  After working for over 4 years as a legal assistant, boyfriend hired me a couple months ago to be the office administrator of his company.

I LOVE DOGS and have one of my own – Rufus – who is my baby.  In my spare time, I am president of a local animal rescue group, (attempt to) play golf, and enjoy traveling, wine (lots and lots of wine), t.v., video games (my guilty pleasure and secret talent), music (piano, guitar, singing and ukulele) and reading (pretty much anything non-fiction….and Nicholas Sparks…*Update – according to Deryn “Friends don’t let friends read Nicholas Sparks”*).  I also love trying new and random things to keep life interesting.  Like a lot of people do in relationships, I have let my personal interests and hobbies take a lower priority in my life.  I hope to change that behavior and start putting my own needs first.  Life should be FUN and EXCITING!!  Not boring and tedious…

My dream is to move to Denver, CO at some point in my life.  I travel to Colorado every chance I get and absolutely LOVE IT.  I also hope to go back to grad school some day and earn a degree in psychology (counseling or clinical…I haven’t decided yet).  Considering the premise of this blog, I suppose that makes sense.  I am a strong advocate for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and would love to become a therapist with an emphasis on this approach.

* Not really 🙂


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