Who is Deryn?

My name is Deryn* and I’m 27 years old.  I was raised in Dallas until high school when my family moved to Colorado.  After high school I attended Texas Tech University where I fell in love (and became slightly obsessed) with college football.  After graduating with my BA I joined AmeriCorps VISTA in Arizona where I spent a year volunteering (or, for anyone who knows about VISTA, giving my life and blood and soul) for a non-profit agency.  Unable to find a “grown up job” I lived with my mommy for about 9 months and worked at a job I hated so much that it made my stomach hurt daily.  Eventually I did get a real job in Dallas and was able to move back.  Currently I’m the office manager for a small educational business.  I am not in a relationship and am entirely content with that situation.  I enjoy reading, sewing, dreaming about traveling and, of course, long walks on the beach.

At this point, I can honestly say that I don’t know what I want to do for a long term career, what I particularly would want from a long term relationship, or if I can commit to anything longer than my 6 year car loan.  I’m working my way up to committing to a goldfish.  I do know that I want to travel and surround myself with great friends and family.  I’d like my life to be written by adventures and punctuated with laughter.  (Sometimes I’m cheesy, and I like it.)

*Name changed for the sake of anonymity and honesty.


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