Perseverance *or* Reading Even Though That Last Drink Made Me Cross-Eyed

21 09 2010

Current Habit: Reading, day 9

Sophie: I’m not going to lie, I enjoy my evening glass(es) of wine.  Often enough, after a stressful day of work, it’s the first thing I do when I walk in the door.  Deryn and I can spend hours talking, cooking dinner, watching TV and drinking wine before we realize that A) it’s suddenly really late, and B) we’re drunk.  Now normally this doesn’t pose much of an issue, as we just drink a lot of water and pass out for a good night’s sleep, but now that we have ‘commitments’, it’s a slightly different story…

This brings us to last Friday – after a nice happy hour at Texas Roadhouse and additional wine while (I think?) watching an ‘extremely riveting’ Lifetime movie, 12:45 a.m. crept up on us without warning.  We were awfully proud of having really stuck to our guns during the first week of this blog and knew that regardless how much we drank, and how tired we were, we had to soldier on and read for 30 minutes. I suppose this would be a good time to introduce to our readers that I, Sophie Leanne, can, in fact, drink like a fish.  And Deryn, in fact, cannot.  Now this is probably not the healthiest roommate situation since I tend to egg her on, but hey, red wine is good for your heart, right?  So despite my guilt, I sent poor drunken Deryn off to bed to read for 30 minutes.  And I know she’s going to do it, because if she didn’t, I would know :).  And she’s a really bad liar.  It was a test of my willpower, and though I certainly didn’t read as many pages as I normally can in that amount of time – and I checked the clock every 5 minutes – I felt good about it when I was done.

Deryn: Poor, drunken Deryn indeed.  I remember (vaguely) getting all cuddled in bed with my pillows, blankets, stuffed animal and just being so happy to go to sleep.  And then becoming so angry that I still had to read.  The sooner I got it over with, the better.  I quickly decided to sit up to grab my book. For anyone trying this experiment at home, I do suggest not sitting up quite so fast after drinking at Sophie’s pace.    The words ran together a bit, I was blinking a bit longer than was really necessary and I know that my bed wasn’t actually moving no matter how much it seemed to.  Some people run marathons, others climb mountains, but for me, on that night, 30 minutes was my marathon to the top of Everest.  Then, it happened… 30 minutes of reading and sweet, blissful sleep.

Sophie: In conclusion, I’m realizing now that my current lifestyle has to change in order to incorporate these new habits that I really want to be a part of my daily life.  It’s a healthy change, but I see now that it’s not going to be easy.  I mean, if reading for 30 minutes can cause this kind of chaos, who knows what changes are yet to come?  SO lesson learned, and tonight I am drinking WHILE I read, not before 🙂 Just kidding, kind of…

P.S. Beginning yesterday, we are now reading for ONE HOUR each day instead of 30 minutes.  Considering it’s prime-time premier week and all, we obviously didn’t think ahead with the whole scheduling thing, but we’re squeezing it in 🙂




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